Valentine’s Day Is Not For Lovers


(Photo Credit: Uploaded by Tizwas01)

Not in our household.

I don’t like receiving flowers on Valentine’s Day.

1. They are overpriced and die too quickly (I’d prefer a plant).

2. They are more work for me (cut thick stems, trim leaves, mix preservative in water, arrange, cleanup of mass of leaves and plastic, change water as needed, continually trim dying parts and clear area of droppings, clean fluffy carcass; and I’m always behind on housework as it is).

3. My husband’s natural way of showing love is not a romantic one (when he feels obligated to show “romance,” he goes through the motions but doesn’t get the point).

Every year, before Valentine’s Day, I explicitly tell him to not buy me flowers.  Every year, like clockwork on Valentine’s Day, he shows up with a “surprise” bouquet for me and the girls. To make him feel accomplished, yet feel the point of the day myself, I’ve asked him to give me a card instead. I’ve told him that I would be delighted with a simple one with a thoughtfully written note, or if he wanted to splurge, a pretty one from Papyrus, with his signature and the year on it.  I never get the card, always get the flowers.

So this year, I am putting my foot down for the sake of meaningful love.  I told hubby that I didn’t want to do anything romantic for Valentine’s Day, no dinner, no candy, and absolutely no flowers.  I want us, as a couple, to start the tradition of putting love out to the world through an area that my husband and I do share: compassion.

So we are donating, to a charity we agree on, an amount that would have otherwise been spent for an overpriced Valentine’s Day. (Since my area of interest is in the fight against child sex trafficking, we are beginning there.)

And you know, it feels awesome.  It takes the pressure off hubby (and myself, from having to hold in the deep sighs of yet another V-Day bouquet), and it honors the fundamental point of the day in the most fundamental way: love for humanity. I already know that I am loved. But not everyone does.

Don’t think he’s completely off the hook, though. Chocolate will be on sale 50% off on the 15th. I expect him to take full advantage of that.  😉

May you have a joyous Valentine’s Day, and celebrate it in the way that inspires love best for you.



2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Is Not For Lovers

  1. Nice one, haha! At least there’s communication, it’s very important that you did something about the fact he was giving flowers all the time and you’re not exactly very impressed by that (even it’s a “small” thing”). And you both compromised for something that made you both fulfilled and happy. Signs of healthy relationship. 🙂

    • We do okay. 🙂 I just get lackluster by commercialism over the holidays. And helping complete strangers is an expression of love that crosses many boundaries; we could use more days like that in a year.

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