Write as Reign: Blogging to Rule the Universe


I am a new blogger.  I’ve dabbled in writing (mostly spewing with ink) on and off throughout my adult life, but this is the first time I am writing to communicate consistently to an audience.  Why, you ask?

Tony Robbins identifies 6 basic human needs: 1. Certainty, 2. Variety, 3. Significance 4. Connection, 5. Growth, 6. Contribution.  Blogging addresses all of those needs under these 3 C’s:

1. Blogging Creates.  Blogging is, in essence, writing, and writing is a form of creativity.  Creativity does not carbon.  Creativity craves Variety.

2. Blogging Clarifies.  Writing for an audience, particularly an invisible one, fine tunes the sifting and assemblage of the realm that makes up who you are—your thoughts, feelings, experiences, and evaluation of the world—and in the scrutiny of finding the proper pieces to put together and share, we make an efficient molehill out of that mountain.  We sort out the most useful parts – we clarify, we beautify, we fortify.  This is Growth.

3. Blogging Connects.  One remarkable trait of us humans is the desire to share our individual human experiences with our fellow wo/mankind.  This experience can be in the form of ideas, emotions, artistic creations, analyses – anything we can think of.  Even those who are not conversationalists or socialites, or are simply info-hoarders, in some way, desire connection.  Severe connection deprivation instigates unsavory behaviors:  food/drug/sex abuse, affairs, even cannibalism.  Blogging is a better alternative.

Once you put out that manageable, core-carved manuscript, you are saying, “Here is a piece of me. Can you relate?” And when someone does (and someone will) the Connection is complete: they know they are not alone, and you know you are not alone.  This sharing is also Contribution (you pass on your insights, observations, experiences) and satisfies the need for Significance (you’ve created, you’ve contributed, you matter) and a level of Certainty (you can always rely on your blog to be there when you feel the urgency to create, express, clarify, connect, contribute.)

Simply put: Blogging is an easy way of plugging back into humanity via the technology that has disconnected us.  (Don’t you love irony? 🙂 )

Imagine Humanity’s potential if everyone worked on mastering his/her own Universe of Self!  Imagine the potential of your own household if every member of your family took ownership of knowing him/herself, his/her personal growth, and how his/her actions can affect other family members.

You may not be able to inspire change in everyone, but you can explore this discovery for yourself.  Start sifting. Start sharing.

It has been nearly 2 months since I’ve started this blog.  My focus is in an arena that may be completely different from yours, and in my own voice – it is ALL GOOD.  Someone may need to hear what you have to say, in the way that you say it.  It doesn’t matter.  What matters is that you SHOW UP, because that is where all great things begin.


6 thoughts on “Write as Reign: Blogging to Rule the Universe

    • Thanks for your comment, and for taking interest in my blog! I hope you continue to enjoy the content. I plan for lighter fare over time, but I’m a “business first” kind of gal! (No worries – when I play, I PLAY! Ha!) Be ready. 😉

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